Staffordshire relaxed family & event photographer.

Welcome to the home of Claire Meldrum Photography. I have been described by my fabulous clients as being "calm, easy going, professional, friendly and someone who can put people at ease straightaway."

If you are looking for a relaxed photographer to photograph your family outdoors or come along and provide party photography in Staffordshire or Derbyshire then I'm your woman!

I describe myself as being a relaxed photographer. Why? Well, because I provide a variety of photography styles for you with a cheeky grin and an easy disposition.

I get the photographs you want without being that annoying shouty person!

I'll be honest. My clients are the people who LOVE images, who want GORGEOUS pictures of their family. They are the first ones to sit on some steps regardless of a bit of dirt and hug their kids.

They are my kinda people!

Claire Meldrum Photography



Langridge family - photographed by Claire Meldrum Photography

Being an outdoor photographer is brilliant.

Kids are more themselves, adults seem a bit less stressed. The result is that we can just go for it and not be too contrived.

I try to document you how you are in a relaxed carefree way. 



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We all have our strengths and photography is mine. I love just getting on in there and doing my thing, balancing lots of candid images with posed shots such as the "one of the Grandchildren" above.

40th, 50th, 60th, 70th & 80th birthday celebrations are all something I cover.

From afternoon tea parties to evening celebrations. 

 Event photography is tricky! Paying someone to capture your event is a great investment. Pay a set fee and receive a full gallery of images and share amongst family and friends. 


It also makes a great birthday present!