Let’s do this!!

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Let the leaf kicking begin.

Your family are booked in with me this weekend for a mini autumn photoshoot either at Barton Marina on Saturday or Birches Valley on Sunday.

By Friday and Saturday I should have a more accurate idea of what the weather has in store for us and I will be able to update you all via email/message.

In the meantime here are some of my top tips for your time with me.

WHAT TO WEAR .........

This is pretty much the question I get asked all the time. I never tell people what to wear but I do recommend that you have a think beforehand about what these pictures will be used for.

Are these pictures for the album, to be made in to a gift for a family member or framed for your wall? If they are the latter I always think that quite a minimal co ordinated approach works well. No bold slogans or patterns. Yellow, blue, brown all photograph well at Autumn time. Alternatively wear what you like and let your clothing reflect the differing personalities of your family.

I do recommend dressing for the weather though. Cold kids are miserable kids and no amount of Photoshop will change that! 


Talk to your kids about what is happening. Mention my name "we are going to meet Claire and she will take some pictures of us." Children who already know my name and have a vague idea of what is going on usually settle in to a shoot really quickly. Also I find that when they refer to me as the "photo lady" or "camera lady" they are a bit more wary of me before the session has even commenced.

Have some lunch or a snack before you arrive. I know it sounds a bit obvious but I want you to get the most out of your time with me and hungry children will wait for no man!

Potty training and little ones - if possible call in at the toilets on the way to me. It will avoid any accidents. Sometimes we are quite some distance away from the toilets. Cold weather? Well you know!


ADVICE & TIPS .........

I'm a Mum first and a photographer second so believe me when I say this is not a criticism. If you have little people try not to offer them a treat on the way to the session for good behaviour. This usually backfires and they want the treat 5 minutes after arriving.

Leave this as your back up for the end of the session. Jelly Babies or something small that can be posted into mouths and hidden usually works!

I like to keep things really relaxed, be prepared to be tickled, kissed, hugged, hold hands and well be a bit crazy. For bigger groups this is obviously a bit more tricky. Mass tickling on this scale tends to look like you are having a brawl!



Children are like heat seeking missiles for tension (mine included!). If you as a parent are tense about the session beforehand then your children pick up on it. Believe me when I say that I have never had a session where parents have not loved their images. It's a lot harder for me to convince a child to have fun and be themselves if the parents are tense and constantly on edge. Take some direction from me, hold hands, hug your kids, tickle them and make the most of your half hour session with me.


Barton marina.

Barton Marina clients: I will meet you at the first car park on the right as you drive up the private road.

Toilets: Located at the end of the main building some distance away from where we are, near the super flashy apartments. So it may be easier to take the kids to the loo first.

Car parking: Free.

Birches Valley.

Birches Valley: My lovely assistant for the day Jess will meet you 10 minutes before your session near the Go Ape area and bring you to where I am if I am still busy with the previous shoot.

Toilets: Located near the cafe at the bottom of the hill.

Car parking: Bring change, parking is quite pricey but you can stay for the day.


After the photoshoot I will be working through all the images and compiling a gallery of the best ones. You will receive a link with your password. Simply log in and select the 10 you have paid for by clicking the favourite icon. These will then be sent to you to download. This must be done straightaway as the link times out after a few days.

If you fall in love with any more images then let me know. They can be purchased at £10 per digital image.

Love Claire

Claire Meldrum Photography