My bestie came around today and we chatted about the price of things, in particular the value of photography. This was the analogy I used and I thought it was worth sharing. 

You go out for a nice meal, there are four of you and you have something delicious from the menu as well as a great bottle of wine. You sit at a beautifully presented table, the waiter service is friendly and attentive, the cutlery is sparkly. You don't do this every week or every month. It's a treat that you savour and look forward to. It's lovely, how much has it cost you and how long has it lasted? £100 to £120, you sat chatting & eating for approx two hours. Enjoying good food in a nice setting. You leave feeling as though you have had an "experience" not just your tummy filled.

You go to a fast food restaurant. You order food for four of you, it arrives in a paper bag and you sit at a bench to eat. It's satisfied the hunger and filled a gap. When you've done you pop the rubbish in the bin and head off on your next errand. You've been sat for 20 minutes, its cost around £20. 

Neither of the options is "wrong" and trust me when I say, I like a Big Mac as much as the next person but basically it boils down to this in my eyes: 

A) What you want. 

B) What your budget is.

C) The level of service and quality you require.

D) What you value.

E) Your level of expectation.

It's taken me nearly two years to work out that I want to be the first of the two dining analogies. I want you to come to me once a year or every other year and leave knowing that you've experienced something special. To create something YOU value & adore. I want to be the sparkly cutlery, the fantastic service and the warm glow. I want to be the first person on your lips when someone says that they are looking for a family photographer.

I'm not the cheapest, it's taken me a while to get my head around it and I'm fine with that. We all put a value on different things and I know what I value. 


If you go into a high street photo developers shop and sit in front of their backdrop for photos, they will take two or three images whilst you sit their in front of the other customers. You might not receive the digital image, possibly just the prints and you'll be out of the door in 5 minutes. There will be no re touching, you won't have time to feel at ease or for your children to build a rapport. 

It is what it is and that's fine. If it's what you can afford that's fine too but it's not me!!

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of Kelly.  

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of Kelly.  

So if you want fun, relaxed photos with someone who can put people at ease, watch a family and read the dynamics. Who has an eye for detail & presentation then I'm your gal. 

Claire x