When I began taking photographs I started with an entry level camera and a kit lens. I charged £20 for all the images on a download and learnt my trade the only way I knew how through trial and error and hard work. Since then I have invested in not one but two super duper cameras, three top quality lenses, training with some brilliant photographers, new editing software and a new computer and I think it shows in my work. It's been a massive leap from my first bits of kit.

My hobby of photography has snowballed into a growing business that I absolutely love, I do not plan on quitting! 

My confidence has grown, I've made new friends and I have created some lasting memories for the groups I have photographed.

I LOVE WHAT I DO! No really, I do.

Most people I meet say "how on earth do you do this every weekend, work part time and be a full time Mum, we're shattered after just one photoshoot with you."

The pricing structure that I put in place at the beginning of the year seemed like a big leap for me at the time but the reality is that actually it wasn't quite enough and although I love what I do I am becoming a "bit of a busy fool" as my Dad would say.

To my way of thinking photography is usually a once a year thing for most families, you save for it, find the person who matches your style and whose images sing to your soul and then you invest in them and in the preservation of memories. 

Like any parent I want to earn enough money to pay for day trips, treats & holidays. I want my girls to realise that what Mummy does has a value and that people realise that I sacrifice my weekends and time away from my girls to provide them/my clients with something exceptional.

I work hard on shoots to capture the family dynamics that I see, I then go home and edit, face swap and photoshop the pictures to be the best they can be. My job does not end when the cover goes back on my lens.

My beautiful, bright and funny girls need me to be around a bit more than I currently am. We've had a rocky couple of weeks and it's put a lot of stuff into perspective for me. So, with that in mind I have altered my packages but also introduced a refer a friend scheme. If you don't want to refer a friend, if the chance of using the referral for yourself is just too tempting then that's fine too! I won't grass you up ...... honest.

Thank you for your never ending support folks, you make me want to be the best I can possibly be. 

Claire x

The new and updated price list.