It might seem quite self explanatory to some but actually if you are looking at booking a family photoshoot with me this may be of some use and answer those questions that you have.

First of all, take a look at my website and Facebook page. Do the pictures you see appeal to you? Do you look at them and think ..... that's what I want!! If so, then I could be the tog for you.

Drop me a message. I'm friendly, I like a chin wag as much as the next person and we can sort out any queries you may have. If you have a grumpy child or a grump adult, an excitable dog or kids who won't keep still let me know. Having a chat about these things can put you at ease beforehand. 

I want to book you Claire, what happens next? 

Take a look at my Investment page, you will see the various packages I offer clients. If in doubt go for the bottom package, you can always pay the extra and work up.

I believe in being transparent. All of my terms and conditions are on the website for you to look at. I will not hook you in with a £10 photoshoot and then in the tiniest fine print you've ever seen at the bottom stipulate that you must spend a minimum of £180 on print only packages. That's not my style. You can either pay your package and session fee in one go via the website or by cash in person.

We the sort out location, dates and times. Something that suits your family. Keeping in mind that we may need a wet weather alternative.

Once this is sorted I will then email you a link to my Client Base area along with the secret squirrel password. *ooooooh

What's the Client Base I hear you say. This is where you can read some hints and tips to make the most from our time together. Only paying clients have access to this. It draws on my experience over the last two years, answers a fair few questions and gives you ideas.

So, that's it. Nothing scary. 

Claire xx