Anyone who knows me knows that my brain operates in a different way to most people. As a creative person I tend not to think in an orderly and methodical manner. I'm not a scatter brain, far from it but my thought process is very different from most of my family and friends. I'm sure at times my husband must think what the hell is she doing now!

Take brain storming as an example. My ideas and thoughts are whizzing around my poor old brain at the same speed as a Formula 1 car. They tend to get launched at the paper in a haphazard, sporadic, slightly manic way, if people are talking to me I have a tendency to doodle all over a piece of paper.

If someone approaches me for a photoshoot then I usually have a thousand and one ideas but sometimes I really lack the confidence to just 'give it a go' and put my idea out into the unknown.

This year my resolution is to put myself into the uncomfortable zone more. To push myself creatively and give things a go that I wouldn't have done last year for the fear of being judged or found wanting. Take this week as an example, I will be photographing a boudoir session. I'm excited and nervous, I want to do a fabulous job, learn new skills and create something that I have never done before. It's beyond my comfort zone but I can't wait.

Last year my resolution was to accept a compliment and not brush it aside. The year before I set myself the challenge of saying yes to new challenges.

So far my wacky, slightly un predictable resolutions have been great. They have helped me develop as a person, build my confidence, attempt the unknown and have fun.

I need to lose weight, I need to keep on top of my housework, I need to drink more water. All of these "needs" would be great resolutions but if I'm honest they are not really ME. If your resolution has already fallen by the wayside why not pick another one? Do a Claire and go for one that is unpredictable but a challenge.

Claire x