It's a pretty good question isn't it really? Why do photographers charge more for a wedding then a party or family gathering?

Well, I may not have all the answers but let me give it a go at explaining it.

1. Kit! Lenses that cope with low light such as dark churches where flash photography is not permitted and full frame cameras with dual memory card slots. These bad boys don't come cheap. At nearly £10k of kit it all needs paying for. Don't forget insurance too. Has your wedding photographer got public liability and indemnity?

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 22.14.53.png

2. Training. Last year I spent nearly £1.5k learning from the Yoda's of the photography world. When I say Yoda's I mean it in the best possible way. At the start of the year I travelled to York and trained for a full day with Chris Chambers. At the end of the year I trained with Brett Harkness at a top secret location in Cheshire. It wasn't top secret actually it was Arley Hall but ya know! 

3. I chat over email or Facebook with future clients. We then meet and they decide if I am the photographer for them. After the contracts are signed we keep in touch via email or phone. I construct a wedding timeline before the day and we get together for a pre wedding photoshoot. This is all before you've skipped down the aisle, planted a big kiss on your other half and panicked about how tight your wedding ring is. 

Wedding ring photograph Claire Meldrum Photography

4. The day itself. On one wedding I started at 8.30am and I finished at 10pm. In that time I went to the toilet once!! It's not something I would recommend by the way. Seriously wee breaks are like gold dust people. The days are long but incredibly fast and well I got carried away with the day.

5. When I say "finished at 10pm" that's not strictly true. I come home, grab a cuppa which my super amazing hubby usually passes me as I walk in the door (thanks hubby you're the best!!), go to the loo, check on my sleeping kids and then good people I back up all the images to my computer. I'm one of life's worriers, so I then make another back up to two more cloud drives to make sure your images are safe.

Afternoon tea Netherstowe House Lichfield. Claire Meldrum Photography

6. Did I say that I send you some spoilers? Well I do! You two are probably still ripping up the dance floor, you've danced to Saturday Night by Whigfield and are perilously close to doing the Macarena. You may have even folded your drunk Gran into a taxi, but me ....... I'm sat at the computer with my cuppa. 

7. A few days later .... Now this is where the Claire Meldrum Photography playlist comes in. Between 1 and 2 weeks of editing commences sometimes longer if I'm really busy. I order in packaging, prints and gorgeous "stuff." 

Relaxed wedding photography Uttoxeter. Claire Meldrum Photography

8. I create a wedding video of some of your images and post it to YouTube. Which usually makes me cry!

9. **New** I blog about your super amazeballs day. Sharing images to Pinterest and Instagram as I go.

10. I meet up with you, we shed tears at the happy memories and I pass over up to 12 months of hardwork, dedication and love in to your hands.

11. Oh and did I mention that I pay tax? I also pay an accountant to file my returns and try to earn a living. Yep all of this too.

Decent suppliers within the wedding industry are worth their weight in gold. <3 

Love Claire x