Naturally images are HUGELY important to me and because it's my job I have failsafes put in place to keep all your gorgeous images ..... erm .......... safe.

However when it comes to my own pictures I can sometimes be a bit rubbish. I'm a drop it and run sort of a gal. I'm a busy Mum after all.

I upload them to Facebook, sometimes setting the folders to private and use this as a storage device AND I know lots of you do it too.

Which is great ..... but in my case that includes my own wedding photos from 2007. I have albums on the 'book dating back 10 years!

Most recently I have been saving photographs of our kids straight from my phone to Facebook (just in case) and the yearly family holiday (that incidentally feels likes it's ages away).

If I were to lose these I would be gutted.

Want to know how you can back up all of your photographs from Facebook?

Well here it is:

Go to Settings.

At the bottom you will see Download a copy.

Claire Meldrum Photography

Select this and then the next screen will appear where you can select that you would like to Download Archive.

Claire Meldrum Photography blog

Within 15 minutes I had received all my Facebook history, including photographs and memorable moments.

I hope this has helped.

Coming soon - Mothers Day Photoshoots.

Mothers Day Photos Uttoxeter. Claire Meldrum Photography