I thought I would write a blog post that’s nothing to do with photography for a change and more centred on “Mum life.” I love a good product or something that makes life easier so thought I’d post something different for you. Also the last few weeks have been quite tough, doing something with my girls has been just the tonic I needed.

Hubster and I recently ventured into Lush. You may have seen it or should I say followed your nose to it whilst shopping. For the un initiated it’s a store that is super well known for selling bath bombs as well as a lot of other shower, body and hair care products. Their tag line is “Cosmetics with a conscience.” 

When we popped in we found some bars of soap that you use for washing your hair! Genius right?? Yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t a new concept and back in the day that’s how you washed hair. Well we bought two, Honey I Washed My Hair for washing and Sugar Daddyo for conditioning.

Lush shampoo bar review. Claire Meldrum Photography


Having just used them on my long haired mischief makers I thought I’d let you know what I think. I should probably at this point make it clear that Lush haven’t endorsed this review or given me any freebies (wink wink just let me know Lush and I’ll happily send you my address!!) for putting my thoughts in to this blog post for all to see. 

So here goes ......

The amazingly named ... Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo - It lathers up really well, you don’t feel short changed by using a bar of soap as opposed to a plastic container containing liquid. Both girls hair was spotlessly clean and most importantly they liked using the bars and loved the smell of the shampoo. The store assistant advised that this one bar would give an average of 80 washes. 

Sugar Daddyo Conditioner - when using it we didn’t feel like we had actually put any conditioner on to the hair, which concerned me a bit. Rather than risk a tangle fest, I actually rubbed the conditioner bar along the girls hair whilst wet and rinsed. Both girls loved the smell of the conditioner and their hair was pretty much tangle free. It was also really shiny post shower.  


Plus points: 

Easy to take on holiday or travelling - little to no mess. 

Lots of uses from each bar - 80 according to the shop assistant.

Less packaging and plastics being used - *swishes her eco friendly cape around.

Great smell. 

Washes and conditions brilliantly. 

Enjoyable/fun to use.  

Fits in the child’s hand easily and helps them take responsibility for their own self care.  


In summary, I’m a convert! Just need to try them on my own hair now and see if they work as well on coloured hair.  


Here is the link to the Lush page:

Honey I Washed My Hair 


Sugar Daddyo Conditioner:



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