I'm pretty lucky, what I'm about to talk about has never happened to me but I've seen it with other people and here is my take on it. Hate me or love me for it, see this from the side of the couple involved.

Couples search for a photographer that they love to capture their wedding day. They meet, they decide if this person is their sort of person, it's a decision they make together. The photographers' personality and photographic style is something that is intrinsic to the day. 

Part of what we do is provide a service but really it is so much more.

Photographers take on the responsibility of capturing these special moments. Although we may let our hair down and grab a drink, hit the dancefloor with the cameras ...... at no time are we, guests.

The couple don't want a picture of us. They want pictures of you their guests.

You get to see two fabulous people pledge their love to one another, they have chosen for you to attend their wedding and witness this moment. Be in the moment! Watch this moment that will never be repeated, grab those minutes that are ticking away. Think back to your own wedding day, send them love telepathically!! Think about their hopes and dreams, think about the future they are to embark on.

What they haven't done is select you to provide a service. Don't stand behind the photographer photographing what they are photographing. 

Here's why.

Most couples have spent months planning this day. They have waited and waited for this moment. Waiting a little while for professional photos to arrive is EXCITING! When they receive their images, receive their slideshow they get to relive this amazing day all over again and see it from the other side. They then also get to proudly display it to their friends and family in it's best possible light.

Instead, capture something that we can't because we can't be in two places at once. Take photos of your kids, your Mum & Dad, Aunts and Uncles. Something different to what the professionals have taken. By doing this you are adding to the memories. Not taking a little away from the service a photographer has provided that concludes all those months the couple has spent planning, the hours of smiles, the minutes of nerves.

Be the guest. 

Enjoy the moment.