So it's that time of year when I sit down and write a list of "bits and pieces" that the family may like this Christmas. In previous years I have jotted it down on a piece of paper and passed it to family members but nearly always I have struggled to come up with something that I would like for Christmas. This year I have sent family links to online stores so that the gifts can be easily ordered and sent out directly.

Thinking of stuff for the hubster and girls is a doddle (*that's Midlands speak for easy) but when it comes to choosing stuff for me, well I'll happily admit that I get really stuck. Last year I was a bit wishy washy about what I would like and ended up with well intended gifts that I really wouldn't use and to be honest I hate to see people waste money. My favourite gift was a pair of sparkly earrings from hubby and the girls and a cosy Fat Face gilet (I love that companies name!!) from my parents.

This year I started thinking about it earlier. I've asked my parents in law for Hoar Cross Hall vouchers as once a year the bestie and I treat ourselves to a Spa Day. Having vouchers as a present will make me book it and go. I'm one of those Mums who will happily spend on my other half and kids but feel guilty for spending something on myself for no reason. The vouchers are something to look forward to.

So what other Christmassy items are on your list? Jewellery, new boots, a nice picture of the kids/family, a family photoshoot, a new hoody, slippers, dressing gown, pj's, perfume, make up, handbag, afternoon tea, weekend getaway, craft supplies, cd's, dvd's, a subscription to a magazine or maybe something that is linked to a hobby?

Start putting your thinking caps on people and let your loved ones know what you would like in advance.

Claire x

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25th November - Save the date.