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Four Oaks Legal Services

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of travelling over to Shenstone Wood End to meet the team at Four Oaks Legal Services. Well, I think I experienced all the seasons in one day that day. The weather was beautiful and sunny on the way but when I arrived the sky was looking grey and rather ominous. By the end of the session we were dodging hail and snow. You've got to love British weather.

Four Oaks Legal Services is part of the successful Four Oaks group of companies and offers a comprehensive range of legal services for businesses and individuals in and around the Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield area and throughout the UK.

Four Oaks Legal brings together the collective expertise of Stuart McIntosh, Joanna Parkin and Rebecca Head. Let me tell you this trio were great to work with. Most solicitors I have met (usually through house conveyancing I should add) have been efficient, they've done a great job but apart from that rather forgettable. Stuart, Joanna and Rebecca (who will be joining the company in early July) are just as their business branding describes them .... clearly different.

If the picture of the three of them jumping for success has made you smile then hop on over to the Four Oaks Legal Services Facebook page and give it a like. You really never know when you will require excellent legal advice.

I hope you have enjoyed the second of my "Photography for Business" blog posts. If you require business photography, be it head shots, product shots or your own sample images then please get in touch using the fancy form below. I would love to hear from you. 


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